Construction Company in Montenegro — Turn-key construction of houses

Build a house in Montenegro yourself! Complicated? Let’s tell …

    Many are interested in the question, construction in Montenegro, what is it ?! I’ll start the story with how it all began. My family and I arrived in Montenegro, with some capital.

, on which we planned to buy real estate, car and leave money for посмотрите веб сайт business. Not all acquire real estate, moving to live in another country, even with the opportunity. I purchased it. First, because I have already decided that there is no going back and I don’t intend to return to my former homeland, and now Montenegro is my home! Secondly, buying a house was due to the fact that I was just afraid to open a business in an as yet unfamiliar country that might not work out, and I can stay without my own home and money (business), but I still have a family. Well, and, thirdly, to constantly pay 400-600 euros per month for rented housing, for more or less decent conditions, it seemed to me not the best idea.

     I bought a house and a car, even two, as the prices of cars were very happy, it remains to determine the idea for a business. To decide on the idea turned out to be the most difficult for me, for that there were many reasons. I have never run a business to the extent that I would have to conduct it here. And then, every Montenegrin, seeing a Russian, begins to immediately offer something, like the Egyptian sellers of souvenirs “dryuk, onli form, hurried price,” and this pushes away, in any case, alienated me. Well and, probably, the main thing is just the fear of “plunge”, as the market has not been studied enough. But as time went on, the money was spent, and short-time side jobs did not bring the necessary budget replenishment, and it was decided to start somewhere. My friend, who lived in Montenegro for about five years, at that very moment built townhouses for sale, and attracted me to participate in a joint project, after having offered me interesting conditions. The essence of the project was in the construction of 2-3 townhouses (townhouses — buildings with a separate entrance, not having a common entrance, as a rule, are interconnected by a vertical wall). The conditions were as follows: I buy land suitable for construction, and pay all the permits, which, according to my calculations, turned out to be about 80,000 euros, and he (a friend) takes all the construction costs, which, in accordance with our development plan, was about 150.000 euros. There was one reservation that he would pay part of the money immediately, and part of the money he would borrow from the developer in his name and pay that money from the sales, eventually, the profit would be divided 50/50. We agreed on handwritten paper. In other words — in theory

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